thINc360 – The Healthcare Innovation Congress
June 20 – 22, 2023 | Washington, DC

Fast Five with Phil Shelato, rule of three, LLC

What challenges or gaps in care are you focused on? 

Our firm focuses on helping our clients – health systems, CINs/ACOs, provider practices, and start-up organizations – navigate the challenges of transitioning from unsustainable, fee-for-service business models to ones built on a foundation of value-based care.

What initiatives are you currently spearheading to improve health?

Our project work includes design and implementation of advanced primary care models (plus others), where better health outcomes are crucial to model success.

What necessary collaborations/partnerships have you established within and/or outside of your organization in developing your initiatives?

Our client partners include health systems, CINs/ACOs, provider practices, start-ups, and advocacy organizations.

What is your measurement criteria for success/or current measurable improvements have you realized from the initiative?

As an advisory firm, our criteria for success is client-dependent. Typically, success will come in the form of implementation of new business models, acceleration of existing tactics, and/or adoption of new strategies.

What gives your hope for the future in health care?

I am most excited to see new partnerships forged by healthcare incumbents and new entrants focused on adopting and implementing new models of care. I believe it will take this type of collaboration to transform our healthcare system to one that produces great health outcomes in an economically sustainable way.

Phil Shelato
Chief Strategy Officer
rule of three, LLC