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June 20 – 22, 2023 | Washington, DC

Fast Five with Yael Harris, PhD, MHS, Laurel Health Advisors, LLC

What challenges or gaps in care are you focused on?

The role of health information technology in improving access and quality for vulnerable and underserved populations

What initiatives are you currently spearheading to improve health?

Leading content for national federal telehealth website to help providers and patients understand and effectively use telehealth; working with a rural network in central Washington state to assess telehealth use and opportunities for expansion, conducting a 10 year literature review on behalf of HHS to track the impact of federal investments in health IT on health care, developing a data warehouse of telehealth encounters across the U.S., conducting and evaluating a project that involves increased access to telehealth via expanded mobile phone data services to improve health care for patients with unmanaged chronic disease.

What necessary collaborations/partnerships have you established within and/or outside of your organization in developing your initiatives?

Working with state, national, and local organizations as well as universities to partner on interventions to increase knowledge and access to health IT to improve health care and reduce disparities.

What is your measurement criteria for success/or current measurable improvements have you realized from the initiative?

Findings that can be used to inform future policy decisions, esp reimbursement for health IT including telehealth and other forms of increased health care access.

What gives your hope for the future in health care?

Increased embracing of health care technology as well as greater awareness of the need to focus on social determinants of health (housing, food security) which are essential to impacting health.

Yael Harris, PhD, MHS
Chief Executive Officer
Laurel Health Advisors, LLC