Mirella Daja

Mirella Daja

Vice President, Future Business Strategy
Novo Nordisk

Global Pharma Executive with more than 20 Years of Progressive Leadership at Novo Nordisk

Mirella Daja has built a solid reputation of working with cross-functional global and affiliate teams to develop cohesive organizations aligned around a single strategic direction for product launch readiness. She looks through complexities to connect the dots, craft compelling narratives, and create strategies that lead to decisive action.

Mirella delivers value, strengthens commercial governance, and enables product launch success by:

  • Leveraging Expertise in Market Access – Mirella brings her scientific and commercial knowledge to bear in generating strategic insights, action plans, and resources that drive improvements in market access across a wide range of therapy areas, including diabetes and obesity.
  • Translating Complexities into Actionable Strategies – Across a wide range of global regions, markets, and therapeutic areas, Mirella distills complex problems and ambiguities into narratives that address core product objectives and lead toward successful execution and market entry.
  • Aligning Teams with Brand and Access Plans – Mirella works to rally global project teams and commercial launch teams around brand and access strategies for a wide range of products, including first-in-class across all therapeutic areas and phases of development. She rapidly assimilates and interprets data to devise plans that meet governance standards.
  • Building High-performing Teams – With an unwavering passion for people, Mirella equips and empowers individuals to collaborate across functions and regions to get the job done. She values diversity of thought, experience, and backgrounds and assembles teams that reflect this.

In her current role as Vice President of Future Business Strategy for Novo Nordisk, North America Operations, Mirella actively strengthens commercial and strategic governance, ensuring strategies and business plans for all assets across diverse therapies are aligned between global and local teams. She partners with global stakeholders to create and localize strategies for these pre-launch products.

While working in Denmark at Novo Nordisk, Mirella led impactful strategies for patient access and payer engagement on a global scale. In her prior role as VP of Diabetes Therapy for the Global Evidence, Pricing, and Access (GEPA) group, she built and led a multidisciplinary team to develop access strategies along with resources for access and payer negotiations across North America and European markets.

Previously over the course of nearly 15 years with Novo Nordisk Australasia, Mirella was promoted three times culminating in a role as Market Access Director for the franchise. She demonstrated her market expertise when she created innovative market access strategies and plans for two distinct markets – Australia, a highly rigorous Health Technology Assessment (HTA) market, and New Zealand, a procurement-based market.

Mirella holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She previously co-owned a photographic art gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark and exhibited at international art fairs. An avid traveler, Mirella has lived and worked on 3 different continents throughout her career with Novo Nordisk. She started her career as a Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Western Sydney and worked as a Senior Hospital Scientist focused on oncology research at Prince of Wales Hospital, in Sydney, Australia.