thINc Talk: Rebranding Quality

Layers of standards and measures, mostly rooted in compliance, have mounted for decades -- all in the name of advancing quality and safety. The result is an overburdened workforce that is tired of checking boxes and jumping through hoops and whose been left to believe that quality ‘didn’t work’ or is a ‘waste of time’. Today’s opportunity is to shift from a compliance mindset to an excellence mindset where our workforce is inspired to do their best work, not just get through the motions. Join NAHQ’s CEO, Stephanie Mercado, as she explores a future led by transformational leadership strategies where we reset the definition of healthcare quality and align teams to achieve healthcare excellence.

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Radical Pharmacy Paradigm Shift: Learn What Happens when Employers & Health Systems Blow Up the PBM Status Quo


  • Understand the alignment on drug pricing, the utility of NADAC, and the influences that drive costs of value-driven pharmacy  
  • Examine optimal ways to eliminate wasteful spend, curb rising drug costs, and review the data requirements due to CAA accountability, while moving to personalized medicine 
  • Consider if Digital Therapeutics (DTx) should be managed by your PBM 

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