The Impact of Prior Trauma on Mental Health Within and Outside the Workplace: Barriers and Opportunities for Healthcare Stakeholders

This is a shared session with the Benefits Design Strategies Track.

  • Understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences, the pandemic, stigma, and other health risks on treating mental health issues
  • Identify and treat trauma-related stressors through creative expression and mindfulness
  • Gain insights into how employers and healthcare professionals can establish a framework to help individuals cope and heal
  • Discuss the value and importance of taking a proactive approach to address mental health including improved health and well-being, increased productivity, and reduction in overall healthcare costs

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Deep Dive Workshop: Outward Inclusion – Building Inclusive Organizations and Communities that Drive Results

Most diversity, equity, and inclusion programs focus on changing behaviors alone. Not only does this address only one part of the problem, but it often makes participants feel called out for poor behavior. Changing behavior only happens with addressing the mindset that drives those behaviors. This is especially true in the DEI space. That is where Outward Inclusion comes in. In this 4-hour workshop, attendees will be guided through a process of self-discovery to uncover unconscious bias and become equipped with practical tools to drive equity and inclusion within their team, organization, and community. This workshop is shaped around authentic stories from around the world that draw people into a bigger story where everyone is included. You’ll be immersed in a first-hand experience where you’ll participate in workshop activities that: • Invite people to grow instead of being shamed • Understand how we impact others • Provide tools to help facilitate difficult conversations • Learn how to create meaningful change and get real results Learning Objectives: 1. Create Psychological Safety Apply practical frameworks to reduce bias, increase belonging, and influence change. 2. Foster Productive Dialogues Become equipped with tools to foster safe, honest, self-reflective, and productive dialogues. 3. Create an Inclusive Culture Identify and correct practices and structures that erode equity and inclusion.

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thINc Talk: Rebranding Quality

Layers of standards and measures, mostly rooted in compliance, have mounted for decades -- all in the name of advancing quality and safety. The result is an overburdened workforce that is tired of checking boxes and jumping through hoops and whose been left to believe that quality ‘didn’t work’ or is a ‘waste of time’. Today’s opportunity is to shift from a compliance mindset to an excellence mindset where our workforce is inspired to do their best work, not just get through the motions. Join NAHQ’s CEO, Stephanie Mercado, as she explores a future led by transformational leadership strategies where we reset the definition of healthcare quality and align teams to achieve healthcare excellence.

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