Ivan Durbak

Chief Information Officer

BronxCare Health System


Ivan is a senior IT healthcare executive with over 30 years experience in planning, developing, and managing healthcare information system applications, implementing IT security solutions, conducting IT audits, and re-engineering clinical and business workflows:

- Implemented cutting edge IT solutions, including AI and Telehealth, across medical and psychiatric areas
- Developed computer security and privacy systems throughout the enterprise
- Implemented state-of-the-art computer infrastructure systems, including VDI, mobile device, and wireless technology, across the health-care environment
- Provided change management leadership to transform the clinical and business environment

Currently the CIO at BronxCare Health System, consisting of: two large hospitals, three emergency centers, a nursing home, and 27 outpatient clinic centers providing over 1 million clinic services annually to the central and south Bronx areas (a very healthcare-underserved  population)

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Implementing a Data-Centric Approach to Tailor Interventions and Close Care Gaps

Wednesday, June 21

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM