Kelly McDevitt


Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI)


Kelly McDevitt is President of The Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI).

The Integrated Benefit Institute’s independent research, industry-leading tools and data resources help companies link health-related programs to the outcomes that maximize the contributions of people to productivity and business performance. Founded in 1995, IBI is a national nonprofit research and data analytics organization serving over 1,800 employer and supplier members and their 22 million employees.

Prior to IBI, Kelly served as National Vice President, Enterprise Strategic Accounts at United Healthcare leading the Center for Advanced Analytics- a specialized analytics team focused on deep research and innovation. In addition, she led the Collaborative Ventures Group which partnered with employer coalitions such as Health Action Council, Equity Healthcare, Employers Health and Berkshire Hathaway. Prior to United Healthcare, Kelly was with Aetna for 29 years where she served in various client management and strategic leadership roles. She has spent the majority of her career working with large clients on strategy, innovation, design, cost mitigation and health outcomes for their workforce.

Kelly also serves as the Program Director of the Employer Wellness Council at The Conference Board, and sits on the HERO advisory board.

Kelly is Speaking At

Luncheon Roundtable: Slow the Boil: Feeling the Heat of High Costs?

Wednesday, June 21

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM