Michael Meucci

Chief Executive Officer




Michael Meucci is Chief Executive Officer at Arcadia, where he is focused on helping Arcadia customers — and by extension, the healthcare industry — embrace technology and use data in service of happier, healthier days for all. He has spent over a decade at Arcadia, transitioning the business from a consultancy to a technology platform dedicated to population health. As CEO he is championing the next revolution in modern healthcare, which requires a solid data foundation to deliver transformative outcomes.

Michael is responsible for Arcadia’s continued growth in its core and adjacent markets, as well as building successful, sustainable customer partnerships that drive real value. He serves as an executive sponsor for programs at multiple national IDNs focused on sustainable healthcare transformation. His depth of industry and technical knowledge combined with his strategic mindset have allowed him to forge strong relationships with leaders at many of the largest and most innovative organizations in healthcare.

He recently celebrated his 10th year at Arcadia. Before stepping into his current position, Michael served multiple roles at Arcadia including Chief Operating Officer. In the past he was responsible for managing, launching, and sunsetting legacy products, developing and managing strategic healthcare transformation programs, and serving as a solution engineer bridging finance, operations, sales, and product functions. These experiences continue to shape his approach today, as he works to ensure that the company forges effective cross-functional collaborations to deliver on customer expectations and goals. He is an active, engaged mentor to many Arcadians, drawing on his own experiences to help develop and nurture emerging executive talent.

Michael previously served as the Product Manager at Linkwell Health, patient engagement company backed by Spark and HLM Venture Partners, where he supported the build, marketing and launch of Linkwell’s online engagement platform. He also worked at Monitor Group, an international strategy consulting firm now owned by Deloitte.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Entrepreneurial Leadership from Tufts University. Outside of the office, he is a doting father to pickles, his French bulldog, an avid “plant dad” and self-proclaimed gear-head who can often be found tinkering with automotive projects. His creative home automation projects are supported by his very patient partner, with whom he collects modern Italian furniture and flat works from contemporary American artists.


Michael is Speaking At

Implementing a Data-Centric Approach to Tailor Interventions and Close Care Gaps

Wednesday, June 21

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM