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Robert is an established authority in the employer benefits space, having written 3 books on the subject (two out of three being Amazon best sellers). He helps companies think differently about their healthcare spend, treating it like a line item on the balance sheet. Robert can assist a company to reduce up to 40% a heretofore unmanageable cost while at the same time making sure employees have better health outcomes, lower deductibles, and lower premiums.


Companies believe (wrongly) that they don't have control over the cost or quality of the healthcare they purchase for employees. They do.


He is an expert on health insurance and has been quoted in trade magazines and the popular press (such as Crains, Chicago Tribune, US News & World Report,, FoxNews, The Washington Examiner, and Yahoo Hotjobs). He is co-author of the Amazon best selling book entitled: NextGeneration Healthcare. Proven Secrets of Managing the Healthcare Value Chain to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs.


Every year, employers see their investment in employee healthcare increase. Most executives feel helpless and are unable to reign in those costs which now represent their number two or number three budget line item.


Historically, it was nearly impossible to predict and control a company’s healthcare budget, but today, due to new solutions, strategies, technology, and a wealth of data, business leaders can (and are) taking back control of their healthcare budgets to reclaim trapped profits while actually creating healthier, happier employees that are more fulfilled and more productive.


As a next generation benefits adviser, he has the privilege of helping employers achieve those game-changing results and break through the status quo of just accepting increasing healthcare costs year after year. He works with over 40 colleagues from around the country to design and implement programs that benefit both the employer and employee.


Brokering insurance and negotiating the lowest cost increase is no longer a sustainable, viable, or preferred approach to managing a company’s healthcare investment. What’s required today is a legitimate consultative and strategic approach solves the problem long-term.


This new approach is healthcare supply chain management. This model allows companies to apply the same effective cost-control practices they leverage in other parts of the organization to their healthcare costs – the process eliminates wasted expenses, redirects dollars to produce a measurable ROI, and optimizes the employee healthcare experience creating a more loyal, productive, and profitable workforce.


If you want happier and more productive employees, and a long-term healthcare strategy that adds to your EBITA, then let’s chat. It is not certain that his approach will work for your organization, but Robert’s willing to invest a few minutes to find out and answer your questions.


Robert is Past President of the Illinois State Association of Health Underwriters (a state chapter of NABIP) and Past Legislative Co-Chair for the DuPage Association of Health Underwriters.

He holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Education in Counseling from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan (with a minor in International Business).


Robert is Speaking At

Controlling Healthcare Quality and Cost: Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Wednesday, June 21

1:05 PM - 1:55 PM