Rodger Bayne


Benefit Indemnity Corporation


Bayne is a motivated business professional with a successful track record of entrepreneurship and insurance brokerage management and product development, leading to over $1 billion in sales.

Bayne is an engaging public speaker who has conducted thousands of hours of outreach and educational meetings in professional and community forums. Among his expertise is deep knowledge of the evolving health care reform landscape.

He has been an activist for health care reform since 1987 and a champion for small employers’ rights and access to health care value. In 1992, he conducted one of Maryland’s first public health care reform rallies.

Known as a health reform and strategy expert, Bayne pores over thousands of pages of information each week, drawing on his unique talent to quickly digest and interpret complicated legislation and regulations. Always straightforward and passionate, Bayne delivers complex concepts to various audiences, tailoring his message to each appropriately.

Insurance industry, legislative, employers, human resources and legal professionals rely on his determinations of the intended and unintended consequences of these matters to calculate how best to proceed.


Benefit Indemnity Corporation

The enterprise is dedicated to the successful growth of business. Whether in health care, or providing health care benefits, or even in deciding not to provide health care benefits, business decisions have consequences. BIC has the most comprehensive understanding of those decisions, and can thereby be of great value in decision making and strategic planning. With broad business acumen, BIC assists businesses with these decisions, ultimately improving their ability to grow.

BIC’s hand-picked team of experts offers a wide range of skills – from captive development, to health insurance, self-funding and wellness options and extending to entrepreneurial sales and marketing expertise encompassing over 100 years of collective knowledge and experience.

Rodger A. Bayne oversees these enterprises built to support the marketing, sales, training and education involving the insurance community.

Rodger is Speaking At

Replacing the BUCA: Building a NextGen Health Plan

Tuesday, June 20

12:10 PM - 1:00 PM