Sourav Chaudhuri

Chief Strategy Officer

US Family Health Plan


Sourav currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for US Family Health Plan, a managed care plan providing TRICARE benefits on behalf of the Department of Defense, and oversees initiatives across the organization to build and strengthen clinical programs, driving member growth and implementing strategic plans.  During his time, the plan has seen membership hit an all-time high since emerging from Chapter 11. Additionally, Sourav has served as Finance Director for a for-profit health system undergoing a number of corporate and financial challenges, including the abrupt resignation of the CFO, liquidity constraints, and the execution of “going in-network” strategy.  Sourav was also involved in assisting with various financial initiatives at the Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, a 1,000 + bed hospital owned by Bergen County in NJ and overseen by a County Legislative Board.

Sourav is Speaking At

Stakeholder Views on Driving Meaningful Engagement and Transforming Care with Digital Technology

Tuesday, June 20

12:10 PM - 1:00 PM