Spencer R. Allen, Jr., CPBS

Managing Partner, Senior Vice President

Insurance Office of America


Spencer has been a successful Advisor/Consultant for 30+ years helping mid-to-large-to-national
Employers add value to their plans for Members while lowering spend. This in turn allows clients to
improve benefits while maintaining or lowering contributions which significantly improves their
ability to attract and retain team members.

His approach is to develop a Health Management Strategy for his clients; a 3-5 year plan for their
second largest expense behind payroll. Spencer and his Team manage the healthcare supply chain
using progressive/creative solution partners and NextGen strategies to create a "Pathway to Free
Healthcare". These solutions are direct, transparent and are aligned with the Plan Sponsor because
their remuneration is on a performance fee, a percentage of savings or a fixed fee.

Spencer earned his Certified Pharmacy Benefit Specialist (CPBS) designation in 2019 to help clients
navigate the complex and ever-changing pharmacy space. He is a Senior Vice President and Managing Partner, SE for IOA where he serves as a Senior Consultant and Regional Practice Leader for IOA.

Spencer is a member of IOA’s Benefits Advisory Board and the Georgia Region Leadership Team.
Speaking engagements include the Association of Large Distribution Cooperatives, The Healthcare
Innovations Congress, The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value and several recent podcasts. Spencer won a Global Gold Medal from Workforce Magazine for his work in Health Management Strategy Development in 2018, IOA's Employee Benefits Broker of the Year in 2020, Risk & Insurance's Power Broker of The Year Award in 2021 and The NextGen Benefits Advisor of the Year in 2023.

Spencer is Speaking At

Low Hanging Fruit: Eliminating Pharmacy Waste & Abuse

Wednesday, June 21

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM