Tammera Hollerich

Chief Executive Officer

IBC Consulting


Tammera Hollerich, Chief Executive Officer; is the leading executive business consultant with Innovative Benefits Team Consulting. Her experience and expertise have reached employers and employees nationwide. She started IBT Consulting 27 years ago as an all-female employee benefits firm. As a pioneer in the benefits industry, Tammera has earned some of the industry’s highest awards including Top Female Executive in 2016, and Female Benefits Advisor of the Year in 2019. Tammera also co-authored an Amazon best-selling book titled, Life & Death Decisions in the C-Suite. To dramatically decrease the overall healthcare spend for the better, she created Healthy Lifestyle Secrets; a value-add cost containment strategy to give the keys back to consulting clients by making a positive impact at the source of one of the leading causes of inflation of healthcare benefits.

Tammera is Speaking At

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly: Meeting the Client Where They Are

Tuesday, June 20

2:05 PM - 2:55 PM