Ted Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

Dixon Associates


Ted Dixon is the CEO of Dixon Associates and brings a uniquely powerful background to the company. Immediately after graduating from Bates College in 1990, he went onto pursue a master’s degree from The United States Sports Academy which led to his first career as a Coach and Administrator at the collegiate level. His passion for business drove him to take the leadership skills developed coaching collegiate athletes into the business world at two successful startups, before joining Dixon Associates in 2003.

Today, as the CEO of Dixon Associates, Ted provides the Vision and Leadership for his team, while keeping a close eye on the value they are providing each client they serve. Through strategic partnering, Dixon Associates helps clients return money from their health care spend to their employee’s pockets.

Ted is Speaking At

Controlling Healthcare Quality and Cost: Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Wednesday, June 21

1:05 PM - 1:55 PM