Trevor Daer

President and Founder

Granite Peak Analytics, LLC


Trevor has spent his entire professional career in employee benefits, starting at one of the largest privately-held Third Party Administrators in 2009.  After learning the ropes of self-insurance and risk-mitigation, he took over as the Director of Prescription Services in 2014 where he fueled the growth of a fledgling cost-plus mail order solution.  During this time, he oversaw more than 100 PBM transitions from historically opaque and high-cost options to net-cost focused transparent pharmacy solutions.   This experience and the positive results delivered to his customers (saving millions for plans and patients) led to a passion for helping educate others on the nuances that permeate today’s prescription benefit industry.  Trevor turned this passion into a pharmacy consulting business, Granite Peak Analytics, in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.  Granite Peak Analytics currently provides pharmacy consulting for over 75,000 patient lives across the United States.  His experience in self-insured health plans, community pharmacy, and mail-order operations provides a holistic view of pharmacy benefits, eliminating traditional silos that may reduce prescription costs, but increase medical spending or negatively impact patient care. Trevor is sought after speaker on the complex topic of pharmacy benefits along with a licensed producer and benefits consultant. In his spare time, he enjoys the Montana outdoors with his wife and four young children.

Trevor is Speaking At

Low Hanging Fruit: Eliminating Pharmacy Waste & Abuse

Wednesday, June 21

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM