About this Webinar

December 1, 2022 • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

As healthcare consumers and members, it isn’t uncommon for most of us to have slammed down the phone in frustration after a circuitous conversation with a call center, unsure if our question was even answered. How can health plans provide better customer service and support to their members? The answer lies in digital customer service—strategically designing digital platforms bolstered by human interaction.  Minimizing friction in consumer information dissemination and education empowers members, helps plans with experience and retention, and can even improve health outcomes. When members use self-service digital tools instead of constantly having to call customer service, it saves the health plan a lot of time and expense and provides members timely support to effectively meet their healthcare needs.

In this webinar, learn how plans have paved the way in reducing call volume while creating more effective methods to educate members and enhancing consumer engagement.

  • Design individualized member resource centers that empower members to navigate and understand their health and benefits through effective digital tool design and education
  • Weave information about member tools and resources into as many existing communication channels as possible to reduce call center volume while preserving a world-class customer experience
    • Gain strategies to streamline plan resources and expedite issue resolution
  • Create effective and convenient digital channels for members to find answers to their questions without hassle and frustration
  • Centralize information to ease access to benefits information, promote health literacy, and help members become informed self-advocates


Mark Menton

General Manager, HealthSparq

Sarah Panock

Executive Customer Partner, Wellframe

Ferris Taylor

Executive Director (HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG))

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Wellframe strategically partners with health plans nationwide to reimagine the relationship between plans and members. Our Digital Health Management solutions for care management, advocacy, and navigation enable a level of care and support that empowers people and organizations to achieve their best. By combining innovative, AI-enabled solutions, strategic partnerships, and passionate conviction, Wellframe creates a measurable impact on lives, at scale.