About this Webinar

October 6, 2022 • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

Dominion National President Mike Davis, DigiBite CEO Alex Poston and Capital Blue Cross Director of Specialty Product Strategy and Administration Julie Dannaway-Baer, will highlight the growing popularity of teledentistry as a critical delivery model for carriers, dentists and patients. They will present solutions to increase access to dental care, reduce the fear factor in seeking dental treatment, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and reduce costs for all participants.

Barriers to access to oral health care include geographic isolation, poverty, insufficient education and lack of communication skills. Research consistently shows an association between socioeconomic status (income, occupation and educational level) and the prevalence and severity of oral diseases. Fortunately, teledentistry can also be an effective tool help address several of these obstacles and can help get more people to the dentist for necessary preventive and restorative care.  In addition to cost, fear and anxiety are common barriers that keep people of all backgrounds from going to the dentist for a routine checkup. Learn how teledentistry can help alleviate these challenges, educate individuals on the importance of oral health and improve care delivery and collaboration.

  • Gain insight into the impact of routine dental visits on lowering medical costs and addressing health disparities
  • Learn how teledentistry can efficiently remove barriers and enable individuals irrespective of socio-economic status to seek necessary preventive and restorative care
  • Explore ways to engage members to seek preventive dental care through various communication platforms
  • Leverage teledentistry apps to increase engagement and plan utilization while improving member satisfaction


Mike Davis

President and Chief Operating Officer, Dominion National

Julie Dannaway-Baer

Director of Specialty Product Strategy and Administration, Capital Blue Cross

Alex Poston

CEO, DigiBite

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Dominion National, incorporated in 1996, provides and administers dental and vision benefits to over 900,000 members, including leading health plans, employer groups, municipalities, associations and individuals. Dominion partners with DigiBite to offer an innovative teledentistry program to its customers.