Health Plans: How to efficiently provide a more compelling digital experience

About this Webinar

Health plan members are no longer satisfied with postcard ads, mailed welcome kits, and printed correspondence. They want the ability to choose their channels of communication and expect access to modern, digital experiences. In the hypercompetitive health insurance market, offering a seamless experience across channels throughout the healthcare journey is essential, but member communications and materials can be notoriously complex, costly, and time consuming to create and manage. Bringing this plan information and member communications to emails, a website, portal, and mobile apps often requires setting up operational silos, which can break the bank and your teams. Join this webinar to learn how to move beyond posting PDFs of printed documents online and calling it digital. We will explore how to seamlessly manage plan information and member communications across channels and experiences, including how to:
  • Eliminate redundancy in content operations across channels
  • Ensure consistency and compliance across materials and communications
  • Increase personalization and relevancy
  • Streamline processes to accelerate change management and materials creation
  • Accelerate translation of materials to multiple languages


Patrick Kehoe

EVP of Product Management, Messagepoint

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Messagepoint is a provider of industry leading cloud-based Customer Communications Management solutions.

The Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange by Messagepoint enables business users to control the creation and management of all member communications. It is a purpose-built solution that simplifies the creation and management of regulated Medicare marketing materials (ANOC, EOC, and SB) and provides access to the framework that includes all model content, PBP data integration and benefit rules.