About this Webinar

May 31, 2-3:00 PM ET

Delaware Valley Community Health (DVCH) has offered accessible, affordable care to insured, underinsured, and uninsured patients for 50+ years. The early days of the pandemic created new opportunities to offer remote patient care outside of the clinical “wall” due to the risk-tolerant clinical environment.

DVCH sought a solution to improve hypertension control rates, reduce emergency events, and capture critical patient data — entirely through remote care.

DVCH navigated limitations in resources and grant funding, compliance challenges, and disparities noted among their high-risk patient population to achieve overwhelmingly positive results. They reached EOY goals by June after implementing a remote care solution that gave providers actionable insight into patient metrics.

Join Validic CEO Drew Schiller and DVCH’s Vice President & Chief Information Officer Isaiah Nathaniel and Chief Quality & Innovation Officer Kimberly Allen to learn:

  • How to navigate early funding, resource, and provider bandwidth challenges when adopting a remote care program
  • Strategies to expand program reach and track growth over time
  • Why helping providers access remotely collected patient data leads to better outcomes among high-risk patients


Drew Schiller

CEO, Validic

Isaiah Nathaniel

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Delaware Valley Community Health

Kimberly Allen

Chief Quality and Innovation Officer Delaware Valley Community Health

Eric Wicklund

Senior Editor for Innovation and Technology HealthLeaders

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