thINc360 – The Healthcare Innovation Congress
June 20 – 22, 2023 | Washington, DC

Fast Five with Sal Lo

What is the most promising development in health care that you have come across, and why?

Predictive analytics utilizing advanced automation. The evolution of super computing and artificial intelligence to find diseases like cancer and enabling the human capacity to perform at hundreds of times its capacity.

What has you most optimistic about the future of health care?

Clearly the advances in technology to impact the evolution of vaccines like next generation mRNA has breakthrough implications. The rise of the mid-levels “nurses, APNs and PAs” to address the limited healthcare resources. The utilization of AI to support our doctors and hospitals.

 How are you preparing your organization for an uncertain future?

Hospitals must reduce costs utilizing AI technology as a strategy.  Our organization focuses on a formula for decreasing labor at the same time increasing productivity and delivering savings.

What are the top priorities for your organization this year?

My top priority is to build a financial stable foundation utilizing artificial intelligence for struggling hospitals.

What technological advancements make you most excited in healthcare today?

Everyone is excited about the current buzz around CHAT GPT making headlines around the capacity of AI to deliver healthcare advice and assist providers in identifying diagnosis of ailments.

Sal Lo
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Jorie Healthcare Partners